Sunday, 22 May 2011

Visit our gallery in Norfolk Island

Let me take you for a little stroll, whilst I point out some of our people.

Ada has spent many hours with us here at night whilst we paint, hammer, and hang pictures. Ada's eye, which is so much younger than ours, has been fantastic for pointing out where things should go.

This is Maeve and Beck's wall. Maeve paints beautiful oil paintings of Norfolk's scenery and history while Beck makes jewellry from our shells and plaits and weaves hats from the local flax or mu-uu. David Evans, master woodcarver, has a child's rocking horse on display in the background.

Pauline Reynolds is a fabric artist and her cloth is shown here with her husband George's designs printed. A further picture of the foyer shown from another angle, follows on with one of my paintings of a large white hibiscus on a red and maroon background. Norfolk pine frame completes the setting.

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